Galaxy S6 Q&A

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Does the cradle of another design is available?  
How many different security system are available for zero device.  
Does the current security system( security cable & cradle) are fit with Zero devices?  
Does new security system is available to current smartphone?  
Does it compatible with the tablet?  
Does the security system can be installed on general table?  
Does the additional LED or lighting can be installed on the cradle?  
Does the new security system is compatible with current control box?  
Does the cable of R & RB version should be identified when order is placed?  
Where do I place the order?  
How about delivery lead time?  
Can I purchase the security system including control box and related item?  
Can I purchase the accessory of security system separately?  
Where and when I can watch the installation guide video?  
What is cable guide ; Bushing"?  
Busing Guide is not installed on through hole of smart table.